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Anthem to Soul is the first doorway to our Soul. This music helps us with connecting to that inner most part within us. This doorway brings new experiences and new tools to learn so we can expand our awareness. This composition is about celebrating the union of Soul consciousness. This union is about reaching a state of recognizing who you are as Soul. From that place you reach knowingness. This doorway of self-discovery determines your ability to surrender. Surrender is learning how to flow with life and become an artist in flexibility. This music is an amplifier that quickens that awakening process. The more you learn to surrender to the Current of Life, the more you awaken to that energy, the more you learn knowingness and the more you become a Co-Creator and work as a Partner with Life. Anthem To Soul is also an old Tibetan chant called HU. This chant has been around for eons of time. Periodically it resurfaces in our civilizations to bring about conscious change. It is now that time again. Now that we are in the 21st Century, the HU chant will become more and more popular because of the vibrations it carries. For example: A long time fan called me and told me about his neighbors that were loud and disruptive. He asked for my help. I suggested for him to open a window a couple of inches that faces that house. I then suggested to place a speaker at the window and play Anthem To Soul non-stop but keep the volume very low where you can barely hear the music. The neighbors moved out within 30 days.
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