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There is an old saying, "As Above, So Below". This statement applies with Celestial Dance. What happens is this: The music triggers the unconscious memory of all our creativity.  This inner part of us is referred to "As Above". When this energy is released, it manifests itself into our outer world or you could say, our physical world. Our physical world is referred to as "So Below". The creative energy comes from within and starts flowing outward. Therefore, the physical world of the person starts changing in relation to their creative energy. Our magnetic field around our body starts attracting to us what we need in order to manifest all this new creativity being triggered. Whether it is people, places or things that is attracted to us, it doesn't matter. The creative energy will manifest itself because it is now a kinetic energy.We all have a purpose for being here. There is a vast amount of creativity within all of us. It's time to create and be like children. For example: One woman needed funding for a project and she couldn't find it anywhere. After playing Celestial Dance for several weeks, investors started calling wanting to invest in the project.
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