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Innocence is all about your intuition. Trusting your intuition will help develope your self confidence. The more you listen to your intuition and trust that, the stronger and more self confident you become. Intuition is the communication from the inner worlds where we all came from originally. When we die, we return to these inner worlds. Instead of connecting to this world after we die, why not connect to this world while we are alive? Innocence is here to help us do just that. Have you ever watched children play with each other? Notice how direct they are with one another and how honest they are with each other? Nature, children and animals are all connected to the Source of all Life innocently. They don't know anything else but this connection. This Source of Life is called many names around the world: God, Sugmad, Supreme Being, Yahweh, Kami, Shangdi, Brahman, Allah and many more. The point is, this source is all of Life. It is an Intelligence that permeates through all existence whether we are conscious of it or not. Trust is one of the keys that assists you in learning to build the bridge between your outer and inner life. Innocence works by being very soothing and nurturing, yet stimulating to your inner worlds. The stronger this bridge, the more keen your intuition becomes. Thus, your inner journey of self-discovery, aided by your intuition, becomes one of freedom. So it is very important to have trust in order to unlock the true riches of life. Innocence is a very beautiful composition and one that you won?t want to miss in your life?s journey. For example: ?I am a Neonatal Nurse and I use Innocence all the time in the hospital nursery. I had one baby who only had a small part of his brain stem functioning. The Doctor didn?t expect him to live, but I played Innocence over and over again for him. Today he is home with his parents smiling, cooing and healthy.? N.G., Rapid City, S.D.
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