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Maitreya is all about Happiness. This composition transposes you to find that place within yourself of peace and joy. Once that place is reached, it becomes easier and easier to get there and stay there. Maitreya is vibrant, bold and yet very haunting as if these sounds were a part of you from some other time and place. It is a wonderful experience. This album begins the happiness cycle that is a whole new pattern in my music. The following compositions, Inward Harmony, Z, Celestial Dance, Anthem To Soul, Dream Partner and the Sampler I are all part of the Inward Harmony's healing cycle. Even though each of these albums has its own area of resourcefulness, they are still a part of the Inward Harmony healing cycle. Not Maitreya. It is a cycle all unto itself and that is the cycle of Happiness. Maitreya came out with a boldness that stretched my horizons so much that it took me a whole year before I could handle the energies of that album. Every month I would put the album in my CD player and within a few seconds I would have to turn the music off. I couldn't handle the energies because I was still processing the composing of that music. It took me a full year before I could listen to the Maitreya album and I am the composer. Amazing! After that year, I deeply fell in love with the Maitreya album. Don't get me wrong, I have fallen in love with all of my work. However, none of them took a year for me to fall in love with them. I loved them immediately when I experienced them. The Maitreya album is the only one that took a year for me to accept into my heart. For Example: Eleven years ago my husband died and my son was only an infant of 2 years old. Now he is 13 and the last few years he has had to go through a conscious processing of the loss of his father when he was so young. He was a sleepwalker and was very often awake at nights. A month ago I ordered Maitreya, and since then he is sleeping like a rose. He falls asleep when listening, and later I take the earphones out of his ears. He is asking for the music, because he knows now that it works. He is talking a lot about his father, and it feels OK. Anonymous, The Netherlands
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