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The Z music helps to get rid of fear. Much of the fear is released in the dream state. This music also helps bridge the gap between our waking state and our dream state. This music is a great tool for dream work. Most people live their lives thinking that the waking state is their reality. This is their perception. As the Z music helps remove the fears, that perception starts expanding and one's view of their life becomes less blocked. The state of fear is a learned behavior and it is one that I have seen paralyze many people to non action in emergency situations. Some people have died from fear. The Z album is a tool to help you overcome fear and start living in the adventure of life. I can speak from experience because not only have I had three near-death-experiences, but I have faced death at least seventy-five times in this current life. I know fear real well. This album has saved me from that bottomless pit feeling that I use to get when faced with fear. For Example: You young boy in his Senior year in High School had always been an Honor student. As he approached his half semester, he started having fears about leaving home and going off to the University. Suddenly he stared flunking all of his exams. Counselors did all they could to help him, but nothing worked. The parents heard about my music and called me. I told them what I would do if that was my child, and thus they followed suit. Upon playing the Z at intervals mixed with Inward Harmony and Anthem To Soul. within two weeks, this young boy pulled out of his situation and started making "A's" again. He graduated on time and went to the University. The parents and the young boy called me to tell me the good news and to also thank me for the music.
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