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Dream Partner is all about Love and Relationships. Many people have found their true love with this album. This music has saved marriages, people in abusive relationships, people from committing suicide and helped in divorce meditations. I have seen divorces with such vile and hatred that would raise the hair on your back, but as soon as Dream Partner was brought into the environment, those divorces ended amicably. I have also seen Dream Partner work wonderfully in marriage counseling; not to mention the time and money this saves. Put the music on in your home, leave it on as background music (at whatever volume you want), and let nature do the rest. You can even play the music at the lowest volume and still receive the benefits of any of my music. It is that powerful. Dream Partner helps you with your relationship with yourself, other people, animals, plants, the wind, rain and everything else that is a part of Life. That is why this album is so powerful in all areas of living because Dream Partner is all about our relationship with all of Life. For example: A friend of mine called me one day and told me about an abusive relationship a friend of hers was having. Her friend was also becoming suicidal. I suggested Inward Harmony and Dream Partner and for her friend to play the music non stop. The CD's were shipped immediately to her. I will call this person, Lisa, but it is not her true name for privacy reasons. Once Lisa received the music, she started changing. She terminated her abusive relationship which was a huge event, because she had always repeated this cycle in her relationships. Lisa was never strong enough before the music to end these cycles. Also, she started overcoming her suicidal tendencies and getting stronger about loving herself. Dream Partner was helping her to build her self esteem. Lisa isn't suicidal anymore. Lisa has now moved to California and is living a whole new life with a healthier attitude and is very happy.
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