Full Set of 8 CDs Music Download

Having the full set all at one time is so wonderful. So many times in my daily routine, I go through moments where my emotional needs change due to what is going on in my day. Having the 8 CDs to choose from is great because each composition has its own purpose and from the choices available to me, I can find a composition at any time that will nurture the mood I?m in. It is fantastic. This music helps me to let go of old patterns that aren?t needed any longer. This music also helps me to move my energies to a higher vibration so I can have more peace and happiness in my life. This music is my best friend and I know it will become your best friend as well. This music has also saved my life many times. It is great company to have and I don?t leave home without it. And, I play it around me non stop 24/7. Let me give you an example: One time three tornadoes dropped out of the sky in front of all of us on the highway. It was bumper to bumper traffic and there was no way to move the car and there was no time to get out of the car to run. I fortunately had the music in my CD player in my car. I immediately turned on the player and as soon as the music started playing, all three tornadoes went back up into the clouds. We all sat there with such relief, but also we were amazed to experience such an adventure with this music. It is all about energy and this music is loaded with love which is the most powerful energy of all. It truly is an experience to behold.
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